Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


use Fake.DotNet.Testing.NUnit instead


The NUnit 3 Console Parameters type. FAKE will use NUnit3Defaults for values not provided.

For reference, see: NUnit3 command line options

Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: int option

Number of agents that may be allowed to run simultaneously assuming you are not running inprocess. If not specified, all agent processes run tests at the same time, whatever the number of assemblies. This setting is used to control running your assemblies in parallel.

Signature: string

Name of a project configuration to load (e.g.: Debug)

Signature: bool

Dispose each test runner after it has finished running its tests

Signature: NUnit3DomainModel

Controls how NUnit loads tests in processes. See: NUnit3ProcessModel.

Signature: string

File path to contain error output from the tests.

Signature: NUnit3ErrorLevel

Default: TestRunnerErrorLevel.Error

Signature: bool

Run tests in a 32-bit process on 64-bit systems.

Signature: NUnit3Runtime

Allows you to specify the version of the runtime to be used in executing tests. Default value is runtime under which the assembly was built. See: NUnit3Runtime.

Signature: LabelsLevel

Specify whether to write test case names to the output.

Signature: string

File path to contain text output from the tests.

Signature: string

A test parameter specified in the form name=value. Multiple parameters may be specified, separated by semicolons

Signature: NUnit3ProcessModel

Controls how NUnit loads tests in processes. See NUnit3ProcessModel

Signature: string list

Output specs for saving the test results. Default value is TestResult.xml Passing empty list does not save any result (--noresult option in NUnit) For more information, see: NUnit3 command line options

Signature: int

Set the random seed used to generate test cases

Signature: bool

Tells .NET to copy loaded assemblies to the shadowcopy directory.

Signature: bool

Skips assemblies that do not contain tests or assemblies that contain the NUnit.Framework.NonTestAssemblyAttribute without raising an error

Signature: bool

Causes execution of the test run to terminate immediately on the first test failure or error.

Signature: bool

Turns on use of TeamCity service messages.

Signature: string

The name (or path) of a file containing a list of tests to run or explore, one per line.

Signature: TimeSpan

The default timeout to be used for test cases. If any test exceeds the timeout value, it is cancelled and reported as an error.

Signature: string

The path to the NUnit3 console runner: nunit3-console.exe

Signature: NUnit3TraceLevel

Controls the trace logs NUnit3 will output, defaults to Off

Signature: string

An expression indicating which tests to run. It may specify test names, classes, methods, catgories or properties comparing them to actual values with the operators ==, !=, =~ and !~. See NUnit documentation for a full description of the syntax.

Signature: int option

Specify the NUMBER of worker threads to be used in running tests. This setting is used to control running your tests in parallel and is used in conjunction with the Parallelizable Attribute. If not specified, workers defaults to the number of processors on the machine, or 2, whichever is greater.

Signature: string

Path of the directory to use for output files.