Note: This is the migration API reference for FAKE 5. The new (modularized) API documentation can be found here. If the API is already migrated you can check here if exists in a module. More information regarding the migration can be found here


Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
Signature: string list
Signature: MSBuildEntry list
Signature: Version

Versions of Mono prior to this one have faulty implementations of MSBuild NOTE: in System.Version 5.0 >= is false while >= 5.0 is true...

Signature: string

Tries to detect the right version of MSBuild.

  • On all OS's, we check a MSBuild environment variable which is either
    • a direct path to a file to use, or
    • a directory that contains a file called
      • msbuild on non-Windows systems with mono >=, or
      • xbuild on non-Windows systems with mono <,
      • MSBuild.exe on Windows systems, or
    • a tool that exists on the current PATH
  • In addition, on non-Windows systems we check the current PATH for the following binaries, in this order:
    • Mono >= msbuild, xbuild
    • Mono < xbuild, msbuild
    • This is due to several known issues in the Mono < 5.0 implementation of MSBuild.
  • In addition, on Windows systems we
    • try to read the MSBuild tool location from the AppSettings file using a parameter named MSBuild, and finally
    • if a VisualStudioVersion environment variable is specified, we try to use the specific MSBuild version, matching that Visual Studio version.
Signature: string list
Signature: items:seq<MSBuildEntry> -> Map<string,string list>