This is part of the Fake.Installer.Wix module.


Parameters for WiX custom action, use ToString for creating the string xml nodes

Record Fields

Record FieldDescription
Signature: string

This attribute specifies the command line parameters to supply to an externally run executable. This attribute is typically used with the BinaryKey attribute for a type 2 custom action, the FileKey attribute for a type 18 custom action, the Property attribute for a type 50 custom action, or the Directory attribute for a type 34 custom action that specify the executable to run.

Signature: CustomActionExecute

This attribute indicates the scheduling of the custom action.

Signature: string

This attribute specifies a reference to a File element with matching Id attribute that will execute the custom action code in the file after the file is installed. This attribute is typically used with the ExeCommand attribute to specify a type 18 custom action that runs an installed executable, with the DllEntry attribute to specify an installed custom action DLL to use for a type 17 custom action, or with the VBScriptCall or JScriptCall attributes to specify a type 21 or 22 custom action.

Signature: string

The identifier of the custom action.

Signature: YesOrNo

This attribute specifies whether the Windows Installer, which executes as LocalSystem, should impersonate the user context of the installing user when executing this custom action. Typically the value should be 'yes', except when the custom action needs elevated privileges to apply changes to the machine.

Signature: CustomActionReturn

Set this attribute to set the return behavior of the custom action.