This is part of the Fake.Core.Process module.


Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
ProcessUtils.findFiles dirs file
Signature: dirs:seq<string> -> file:string -> seq<string>

Searches the given directories for all occurrences of the given file name, on windows PATHEXT is considered (and preferred when searching)

Signature: file:string -> seq<string>

Searches in PATH for the given file and returnes the result ordered by precendence

Signature: file:string -> string option

Searches the current directory and the directories within the PATH environment variable for the given file. If successful returns the full path to the file.


  • file - The file to locate
ProcessUtils.tryFindTool envVar tool
Signature: envVar:string -> tool:string -> string option

Tries to find the tool via Env-Var. If no path has the right tool we are trying the PATH system variable.