Integrating a FAKE build script into TeamCity


This documentation is for FAKE before version 5 (or the non-netcore version). The new documentation can be found here

Easy TeamCity integration was one of the major goals for the FAKE build system.

In this article you will learn how to set up a FAKE build script in TeamCity. We will use the CalculatorSample which you can build from the getting started guide.

API Documentation


Installing TeamCity

You can download the free professional edition of TeamCity from After the installation process you should be ready to configure your first build.

Creating a FAKE project on TeamCity

Now create a new project and add a build configuration:

alt text

You also need to set the artifacts paths:

alt text

Attach a VCS root

The next step is to attach a VCS root. For this sample we will use the official FAKE repository at

alt text alt text alt text

Creating the build step

Now is the time to create two build steps. The first one downloads FAKE via Nuget and the second one runs the build script:

alt text alt text

If you want you could also add a build trigger to your build script:

alt text

Running the build

Now if everything is configured correctly, you can run your build and the output should look like:

alt text

You can also inspect the NUnit results:

alt text