Note: This API documentation is for FAKE version 4. The migration API documentation can be found here. The API documentation for the new fake 5 modules can be found here


Contains basic templating functions. Used in other helpers.

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
Signature: seq:seq<string> -> seq<string * seq<string>>

Loads all templates (lazy - line by line!)

processTemplates replacements files
Signature: replacements:seq<string * string> -> files:seq<string> -> unit

Replaces the templates with the given replacements

Signature: replacements:seq<string * string> -> seq<'?13739 * '?13740> -> seq<'?13739 * seq<string>>
Type parameters: '?13739, '?13740

Replaces a bunch of the keywords in all files (lazy - line by line!)

Signature: seq<string * seq<string>> -> unit

Saves all files (lazy - file by file!)